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Back to School Success Part 4, Lunch Time

by Angela On August 18, 2010

Lunch time is one of the most important parts of your child’s day.  It is the time for refueling and taking a little break from learning to relax.  Here are few important things to consider when preparing for lunch at school.

1. Know the rules: Check your school web-site to see if there are any restrictions on what children can and cannot bring.  For example some schools do not allow candy of any type.  Some schools do not allow peanut butter or peanuts.  Be prepared and check with your child’s school.

2. Label: Save time and money by labeling your child’s lunch box and water bottle or thermos.  If you’ve been reading this series you know how I feel about this, if not click here to my read previous blog post Order Back To School Labels Now   for information on where to purchase children’s labels.  Since school will be starting in just a few days you can always use a Sharpie marker to label your student’s lunch items.

3. Lunch money:  Don’t forget to send your child with lunch money if he or she will be buying lunch at school.  You can also check with your schools web-site as many schools allow you to add lunch money online and check your student’s balance. 
4. Save time at lunch: Some schools ask parents to pack their children’s lunch in one container with multiple compartments.  This speeds up the time a child spends opening multiple containers or baggies and allows teachers to quickly help everyone get situated.  Consider a container like the one shown above from The Container Store.  Click here for a link. 

5. Snack time:  Some schools also allow children to bring a drink or snack for the afternoon.  Ask your student’s teacher at Meet the Teacher night or check with your child’s school.  Some teachers only allow children to bring healthy snacks of fruits or vegetables or only allow water and do not allow juice.  Do your homework before you send your child to school and know what they can or cannot bring.

Stay tuned for Part 5 of the Back to School Success Series on Schedule & Communication.

Do you have any lunch time tips or tricks?  I’d love for you to share by posting a comment below.

Here’s to a tasty lunch!


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