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Back to School Success Part 1, Clothes

by Angela On August 13, 2010

Shopping for back to school clothes is such a huge part of the back to school experience.  But can be a little overwhelming.  Here are some of my favorite tips to help you make this process run smoothly.

1. Know your child’s current sizes.  Know your child’s or children’s current shoe size, pant size, shirt size, and dress size for girls.  Write these down on an index card and keep it in your wallet. 

2. Check your current inventory.  Know what you have before you go shopping.  If you know your child has two pairs of jeans that are still in good shape maybe you only need to purchase one additional pair of jeans.  Go through your child’s drawers and closet take out the clothes that are too small or in bad shape.  Immediately place in a donate bag, a storage tote if you are keeping for another child, or trash/recycle bag.  Add items you need to purchase (like a green top to go with a certain pair of pants) to the index card I mentioned above.

3. Check your school’s dress code.  Are there certain items your school will not allow?  Do shorts have to be a certain length?  Are dresses with thin straps allowed?  Ask before you buy so you don’t end up with something that can’t be worn.

4.  Shop online.  If you’re short on time, online shopping can be fantastic.  So far I have done all my back to school clothing shopping online!  Many companies are offering free shipping or other back to school incentives.  Be sure to check the size chart and get your child’s measurements before you make your purchases. 

5. Shop early in the morning.  If you are shopping at store rather than online, call ahead to find out what time the store will open and be there right when they do.  This will maximize your shopping time because there will be less of a crowd to battle.  This will save you tons of time if your child will need/want to try items on in a fitting room.  Fitting rooms reach full capacity in the blink of an eye this time of year and arriving early will save you from waiting in long lines are the registers and the fitting room.

6. Bonus Tip!  Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water in your purse and a snack to keep you going.  I like to bring almonds or a granola bar.  Gum and mints are also great to have handy!

Don’t forget Texas tax free shopping days are August 20-22nd.  Click here for more details on what is included and excluded from the tax free list.  Click here for a list of which states have tax free weekends for 2010. 

Good luck!


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