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Tips to Help Children Cut Clutter Part 4 of 4

by Angela On July 23, 2010

We have reached the final piece of our 4 part series on Tips to Help Children Cut Clutter.  So far I have explained three different methods you can try to motivate your child to let go of old toys, games, and clothes.  In Part I discussed Money, Part 2 was a Good Cause, and Part 3 was “This for That”, click on the title if you missed one of the previous posts.  Let’s take a look at one of the final methods.

4. A Good Home.  Finding a good home for a toy can be one of the most meaningful ways to help a child let go of a toy.  Some children get very attached to their toys and stuffed animals and knowing that the toy is going to someone who is going to take care of it can be the golden ticket for getting a toy out of your house.  This can be effective but can also cause clutter for someone else, therefore, I often save this method as a last resort. 

Again, for some children and adults, this may be a strategy that delivers great results.  But you have to consider who the items are going to.  Do they have space for the items?  Do they want or need the items?  Are you or your child putting pressure on the person receiving the items to keep them?  What if the person decides to get rid of the items in 6 months?  My advice would be to have a conversation with your child discussing that “the toys now belong to Suzie and when she has finished playing with them she may donate them or give them to someone else”. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Toy Story 3 – Help Kids Donate Toys?  If you have not seen the movie read my post to see how Disney-Pixar dealt with the inevitable fate of our childhood favorites. 

I hope you found this helpful.  If you have a method that has worked well for your children please share by posting your comment below. 

Good luck with your toy management!


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