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Tips to Help Children Cut Clutter Part 2 of 4

by Angela On July 16, 2010

Children’s clutter is something most parents struggle with.  There are parts and pieces strewn around the house and probably a closet full of toys and games that are not even being used.  On Wednesday in my blog article Tips to Help Children Cut Clutter Part 1 I explained that finding what motivates your child will be your #1 defense against clutter.  The first motivator I talked about was money, click here to read Part 1 of Tips to Help Children Cut Clutter.  The second common motivator is a good cause.

2. A Good Cause. Finding a cause that motivates your child can be huge!  I had one client who called me and told me one of the biggest things she needed help with was helping her teenager let go of an old Beanie Baby collection.  She had tried multiple things and her teen would not budge. 

When I met with her we discussed the good cause method.  We talked about different charities and organizations.  Of course there are great organizations like the Goodwill and Salvation Army, but there are also children’s shelters and orphanages where those children may not have any toys to call their own.  There are women’s and children’s shelters for women and children who are fleeing domestic violence situations.  I also told her about how some police stations collect small stuffed animals so the officers can keep a few in their cars to give to a child if they are in a situation where the officer has to remove the child from the home.  My client had a heartfelt discussion with her teen and the next time I arrived a garbage bag full of Beanie Babies was waiting for me.  The teen was so touched to learn that there were children who had to go through these situations that all but a handful of the Beanie Babies were being donated.  

As I mentioned above learn more about the non-profits in your area.  Perhaps your child will be motivated to help another child who may not have any toys at all.  Perhaps your child will be motivated to recycle toys, donate toys to a local children’s hospital, donate books to a library, or some theaters will take donations to use a props.  The options are really endless. 

If you think your child will be motivated by a good cause then start looking for non-profits in your area and start talking to your child.  You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Tune in next Tuesday for Part 3 of this series Tips to Help Children Cut Clutter and if you missed Part 1 click here.

Is there something that has motivated your child to let go of clutter we would love to hear your ideas!

Happy clutter clearing!

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