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My goal is to help people create a space that supports them, mentally, physically, and aesthetically. When you are free from the chaos you have the capacity to create more of what you want.

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Help a Friend, Help a Business

by Angela On July 13, 2010

Last week I met with a new client who had just moved to the Austin area from out of state.  Being new to the area she was overwhelmed not only by what still needed to take place in order to get her house unpacked but also in establishing her support network here in Austin.  Just think of all the things you need to set up when you move to a new place?  Doctors, dentists, child care, where to find things, things to do, places to go.  I ended up referring her to seven different things!  Of course my client was very grateful that she did not have to do the labor intensive footwork and research to find these resources on her own.  Now she had a starting place and she felt much less overwhelmed.

If you knew someone who just moved into town who would you refer them to?  This is a basic survival technique.  When we are in need we turn to our friends and people we trust to help us make decisions.  Referrals are also a fantastic way to promote and support local businesses, especially in a slow economy.  Of course here at POSH Space we always appreciate you referring us to your friends who are moving into a new home or who need help getting their closets, kitchens, or paper organized.

This week you can also take part in spreading the word about local businesses by voting in the Austin Chronicles Best of Austin 2010.  I’ll be voting for my favorite artist, home furnishings store, spa, and more!  If you’re a fan of POSH Space vote for us under the “Wild Card” Category (located at the bottom of the ballot) as POSH Space, Professional Organizers and don’t forget to vote for your other favorite Austin Businesses and Personalities.  Click here to vote.

Here’s to spreading the word about the businesses we love! 


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