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Do You Have People?

by Angela On July 15, 2010

Have you heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”?  Well, it also takes a village to live our lives and to have a happy home.  Yes, it’s true!  These days so many of us have “people”.  We have a group of people who support us in our daily, weekly, or annual actions.  These “people” can be a house cleaner, gardener, hair dresser, financial advisor, child care provider, professional organizer, real estate agent, baker, florist, movers, tax advisor, attorney, or dry cleaner.  Who knew living our lives could involve so many people?! 

Often times when I’m working with business clients or entrepreneurs I talk to them about delegating and how they need to get help with areas that they are not experts in or don’t like to do.  The same is true in your home.  There are so many people who are experts at what they do and often times can do things faster and better than you can do on your own. 

Now I know what you may be thinking, “It seems frivolous to have someone do these things for me especially when I can do them for free.”  Of course you are capable of doing some of these things, but consider what your time is really worth.  What would it cost to pay someone to scrub your toilets so that you could catch up on something more important or something you have been wanting to do?  What if you could pay someone to mow your lawn so you could play with your children? 

My challenge for you is to see how the village can help you!  What kind of support do you need?  If you had an extra hour what would you spend your time doing? 

Tell me what you would do if you had an extra hour by posting your comment below.

 Here’s to an extra hour or two!


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0 Responses to “Do You Have People?”

  1. Lita Daniel says:

    I was stubborn about hiring a housekeeper but finally gave in and hired one to come in once a month. When it took me 3 days to clean my house a couple of months ago because after working with clients I was too exhausted to do it all at the same time, I realized I had to let go and delegate. We’ve used a lawn service for the past 4+ years because it takes them 45 minutes to mow, weed eat, etc. vs. 4-5 hours of my husband’s time. It’s been a major stress reliever.

  2. Donna Ploetz says:

    I’ve had a housekeeper for nine years. Routine for me was key. I cleaned every Friday 8 to 10 hours plus. Once a month I did oven, high hard to reach places, refridgerator grates, blah, blah. As you can tell I really am into clean. If the house was clean, laundry done, etc., I felt good and could get on with my other jobs. If not, I dreaded coming home from work, or whatever because I knew what faced me. Staying up way to late was not the answer. Something had to go and I didn’t know what. Finally, I decided to get help. Is she as anal as I am. NO She cleans everything well enough so I feel like floors, bathrooms, kitchen are not harboring strep or some other virus. I do the ocassional stuff occassionally. Over the years I have relaxed a little and learned that she does just fine twice a monthe and I do keep up in between. When I think, gee, I could really use that money somewhere else, I try to remember the stress of doing it all. The longer I have my fairy Lucy the harder it is to remember, but I can still drag up enough of the hard times not to make a rash decision.

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