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Is Your Life On Autopilot?

by Angela On June 17, 2010

This has been such a fun summer for me so far!  We are bucking the traditional system of having our kids’ home or in camps the entire summer and have opted for a mix of a week at home, a week at Grandma’s, a week at camp, and time with friends mixed in.  Although this posses much logistical coordination it has resulted in me mixing up my routine which has resulted in FUN! 

For example, yesterday, my husband and I took our girls down to Symphony Square here in Austin for Children’s Day.  We saw one of The Austin Symphony’s Quartets and the amazing Joe McDermott then I was off to work with a client and back home just in time for a trip to Jamba Juice!  Today, after a trip with my girls to the Library and the gym, it’s back home for some office time. 

The funny thing is that this change in routine has been fun, good, and I have managed to still be productive.  But after a fabulous yoga session, some great feedback from clients, and seeing Oprah Magazine stating “Say Yes to Life” I realized that sometimes we are so busy going through our daily routine, we don’t even realize we are missing all the fun.  We are busy with the doing and not enjoying the ride of life.  You know; stopping to smell the roses.

This is not new earth shattering information.  You have heard similar things before, but have you ever made a change in your normal routine to see what happens?  What if you turn off autopilot for a while and you chart a new course?  I’m not saying you ditch routine altogether.  Routines are important!  I still have a routine and I still schedule my time, but just like the seasons change my routine has changed.  And I have to tell you, I’m loving it!

Changing your routine doesn’t have to revolve around time or schedule like my change.  You can also change your habits.  Perhaps you can change a routine of collecting things, excess buying, or letting the paper pile up.  Be daring and different this summer!  Make a change!

Have you changed your routine for the summer?  I’d love to hear about it.

Enjoy a fabulous summer!


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