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Recycle an Instrument

by Angela On April 6, 2010

If your budding musician has tested more instruments than you have room for you can donate the retired melody makers to Roots of Music (ROM).  This non-profit after school program is based out of New Orleans and teaches children ages 9-14 how to read and play music.  After hurricane Katrina many schools in New Orleans were unable to continue to offer music programs.  ROM currently serves nearly 100 students making up a full fledged marching band. 

Click here  to see what types of instruments and supplies Roots of Music is looking for.

Please be sure instruments are in working order.  If you don’t have a musical instrument but think this is a really cool organization like I do you can also make monetary donations or sponsor a child.  This is such a cool program once you read about everything they do in providing music education, hot meals, transportation, and community for these children you will be hooked.  If you can’t donate spread the word about this unique organization.

Making a difference by clearing your clutter, I love it!


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