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My goal is to help people create a space that supports them, mentally, physically, and aesthetically. When you are free from the chaos you have the capacity to create more of what you want.

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April – Preview

by Angela On April 5, 2010

April is a busy month.  Did you know April is officially Stress Awareness Month?  April 15th is Tax Day, April 22nd is Earth Day, and April 4th was Easter.  Don’t forget about Prom and all those other Spring events that pop up!  But never fear, Spring is here!  It’s a time for renewal and a fresh burst of energy. 

This month I will be offering tips on all of these areas with a focus on recycling your old unwanted, unused, unneeded items and giving them a new life.  Yogi’s, musicians, bookworms, and bridesmaids, I will have some solutions for you this month.   I will offer tips for just about everyone and a few special offers too.  Be on the lookout for my next post. 


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