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Pick Up March Oprah Magazine

by Angela On March 9, 2010

oprah-magazineI don’t normally recommend for my client’s to buy more magazines, but this one I can’t resist!  If you haven’t already picked up the latest copy of The Oprah Magazine, pictured left, I highly recommend it!  It is the March issue, so if you want it you should act quickly before they remove them from shelves and replace them with the April edition. 

This issue is packed full of great articles on decluttering your life and your mind.  One article follows Oprah through a closet clearing session, who knew Oprah had clutter?  If you feel like you have a difficult time letting go of clutter reading the article of Oprah getting rid of some of her closet clutter may help you to feel like you are not alone.  We all hold on to things for emotional reasons, even Oprah.  There are also several other articles including tips on what to keep and toss, how to recycle some unique items, letting go after the loss of a loved one and more. 

If you can’t get your hands on the magazine in time you can stop by your local library and take a peek.  They often hold back issues of magazines for several months.

Good luck finding the magazine and I hope it inspires you!


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