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Kids Clutter, Who’s At Fault

by Angela On March 11, 2010

I was shopping at the grocery store the other day with my two daughters and they saw these fruit juice containers that they just had to have.  They begged, they pleaded, they put on a happy face.  Now, I consider myself to have extraordinary abilities to not fall for the begging and pleading and continue walking past the object in question while changing the subject in order to not cause a huge seen at the grocery store.  But this time it was different, this time I was considering purchasing the decorative juice bottles. So what caused me to pause and consider the addition of clutter to my house?  Well, that’s the thing; it was actually something we needed. 

We recently moved and somewhere in the transition my 5 year old daughter’s one and only decorative water bottle ended up missing in action.  It’s actually been missing for four months now and my husband just asked me about it the other day.  I had to remind him that it was lost on the day we moved into our temporary house and we’ve never found it since.  I kept thinking once we moved into our new house that it would turn up but it never did.  The key here is that we did use the bottle when we had it and I had been looking for a replacement.  So this presented the perfect opportunity to get my thirsty daughter a drink and a water bottle that we actually needed.  So I got it. 

How would you react in a similar situation?  Would you have purchase the “water”/juice bottle for your child even if you had an entire cupboard full of them?  Or would you have stood your ground? 

Is kid’s clutter even a problem for you?  If so who is the primary culprit?  You or your child? 

Here’s to stopping the clutter at the door!


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