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Is Your Collection Complete?

by Angela On March 15, 2010

Are you a collector?  Do you get a high off of getting every character from the Star Wars line?  Or an entire set of characters from the latest Disney re-release?  I was blown away the other day when I purchased my daughter’s some new water/juice bottles that had a tag on them that said “Is Your Set Complete?” (see photo to the left).  I thought “are you kidding me?  Now marketers are trying to persuade us that a $1.99 water bottle is a collectable”.  Really?!  As a Professional Organizer, it was like a direct hit into the chest.  Ugh!  This is not what people need.  Many people have a difficult enough time getting rid of things but when you add the label “Collect Them All” that makes it even more difficult for people. 

So here is my questions for you?  Do you care if your collection is complete or not?  Are you more likely to purchase something because it would complete your collection?  If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions, then you’re a collector. 

If you find that you are a collector I ask you this; why?  Why are you collecting what you are collecting?  What’s the purpose of your collection?  Does it make you happy?  Do you use the items you are collecting, such as plates or tea sets?  Or are you just doing it because you always have collected these things?  Was the collection passed down to you?  Determining why you are collecting something can help you decide if it is something that is worth your time, energy, and space. 

The next big question is: how do you treat your collection?  What happens when you have completed the collection?  Do you cherish it or cast it aside?  What happens to your collection when you die?  If your collection is not well taken care of, used, or beautifully displayed then you should really consider whether or not you need to keep the collection.

Last but not least, let’s talk about prevention.  This is the simple rule of “one in, one out”.  If you decide to start a new collection you must get rid of an old collection.  The same holds true for adding new pieces to an existing collection.  If you find that sippy cups or ceramic figurines are taking over your cupboards or shelves and overflowing onto the floor then it’s time to cut the collection in half.  Yes, I said it.  Cut the collection in half.  Then start practicing the rule of when you bring a new one in you must get rid of an old one.  This will prevent the build up from happening again.

I know this may not be easy, but it is one small step in your journey to clearing out the excess clutter. 

Enjoy collection reduction!


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