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Are You Making Things Too Difficult?

by Angela On March 25, 2010

In the last few weeks I have said this phrase over and over again to my clients “if it’s too difficult, you won’t do it”.  This phrase can be true about so many things in life.  But I have found that when I’m working with client’s I often ask them to tell me about what they have tried before to help them get organized.  Or I will say “explain to me how you currently do things?”  After they show me, often times I can tell that they are putting too many steps into their process. 

For example, if you have files set up for some of your vital records (like your family’s social security cards, birth certificates, etc.) you might just have a file called “vital documents”.  Easy enough, right?  Okay, maybe you could take it one step further and have two internal folders, one for social security cards and one of birth certificates.  But sometimes people will go even further and make a folder for each member of the family.  That’s great, but sometimes adding more steps can make us less inclined to actually do something.  In this case, it can make us less likely to file the birth certificate after we have used it.  Typically you are not going to need to reference your vital documents frequently so if you do not have them separated into sub categories, it’s going to be okay.  The main thing is that when it’s time to put the paper back and re-file it, that it is easy to do so you actually do it. 

The same can be true with pots and pans, clothes, or anything for that matter.  If you have too many steps and you are overcomplicating things, the chances are that you won’t have success.  Keep it simple.  You are more likely to do something if it is easy. 

Is there something in your life that you are making too difficult?  Where can you simplify? 


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3 Responses to “Are You Making Things Too Difficult?”

  1. Diana says:

    I am currently purging the house. However, I am doing it in a way that would probably make you cringe.

    I am going room by room, and as I clear a room, I identify what stays, find a place for it, and put it there. Sounds good so far, right? For anything that I know does not stay in THAT room, I dump it in my front room (which you have seen but actually looks better than it did…). Once I finish all of the other rooms, I will go through the front room as a whole. THEN I can feel more comfortable dumping things.

    My hesitation in simply dumping something that is missing a part is because I *know* the missing part is in the house or garage somewhere, and separate, they are trash, but together they could be useful to someone, even if not to me. Until I can see everything in one spot, I am not secure making the decision to toss.

    So yes, it is a multiple step process, but I think it makes me feel more confident in the decisions so I do not have remorse three days later when I find the missing arms to the doll my daughter loved.

    • Angela says:

      Great job! Sounds like you are making excellent progress. When you have items that are missing i start a “missing parts” box. Put everything in the box that is missing a piece. This way you will be putting all parts and pieces in one place and your chances of matching things up increases. After you have gone through the house whatever has not found its mate can still be donated. Remember, you are not the only ones who have lost parts or pieces. It’s okay to donate things that are missing some parts because the chances are someone else is missing the piece you donated. Your donation might be what someone else has been looking for to complete their collection.

  2. Angela, great stuff. I really enjoyed your article. It occurs to me that you could make it even easier on yourself, if you went paperless. Sure, there would be some up front time scanning your important documents into an electronic file, but being able to permanently document and then get access to those documents from anywhere?? Well, I think that could be a very powerful and valuable tool. Learn how Office Live Workspace can help you do this at

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