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What To Do With Holiday Artwork

by Angela On February 18, 2010

valentine-decorBetween Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas if you have children, the chances are you have loads of children’s artwork and projects revolving around each holiday.  Parents are always asking me “What do I do with all this holiday art?”  Here is what I suggest.

My first recommendation is to only save your favorite pieces of artwork and your child’s favorite pieces of artwork.  Simply ask your child which Valentine’s decoration is their favorite.  If you have a prolific child who has created a 10-20 Valentine’s decorations then you can ask them “what are your top five favorite pieces?”  This will let you know what you really need to keep and what you can let go of.  This is an important step.  Don’t assume that your favorite pieces of artwork will be the same your child’s favorite pieces.  If you have a favorite piece that your child does not care for, it’s okay if you save it too.  Just be sure to limit yourself to the same quantity as your child. 

After the favorites have been gathered add the artwork to your holiday decoration box.  Next year when the holiday comes back around then you can pull out the artwork and use it to decorate.  Your child will be proud to see his or her work from the years past and you have quick and easy decorating solutions for your child’s room.  You can also get your child or children involved and have them help you hang up the artwork. 

If you find that you are not using a piece as you are decorating or it breaks or tears then you should consider getting rid of the artwork or adding it to your child’s memorabilia box or scrapbook. 

Now your child’s art is not just getting stored in a box never to be seen again.  You are putting it to good use. 

Here’s to a more festive holiday!


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