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What To Do With Framed Photos

by Angela On February 24, 2010

frame_heartRecently I’ve had a few clients ask me “what do I do with all these old picture frames”?  Let me set up the scenario for you.  Sally has collected pictures of her 7 year old daughter and her 10 year old son since they were born.  Every year she frames each child’s class picture in the same frame as the year before.  However, she also has a number of other framed photos from special events and holidays.  Sally has found that throughout the year she has ended up with a few boxes of old framed photos that she no longer wants to display.  But she is not sure how to store these framed photos.  After all, these are some of her most prized and favorite photos. 

Sound familiar?  Here is what I recommend to my clients: First remove all the photos from the frames.  Be careful as sometimes the photos become attached to the glass and you may tear your photo if you’re not careful.  Make a pile of your photos and a pile of your picture frames.  After you have separated all the photos from the frame go through the frames and decide which ones you are going to keep to use in the future and which ones no longer reflect your style or décor.  Ideally you will want to reduce the number of frames by 75% keeping only your favorite frames. 

Next you need to decide what to do with the photos.  I recommend that you create a photo album that only contains the photos that you have displayed in frames.  This will be a cherished album with the best of the best and surely one you will look at for years to come.

So don’t let all those old framed photos take up room in your closets.  If they were important enough to be framed and displayed then they should not be sequestered to a shoe box in a hall closet.  Give your pictures a new life while reducing your clutter.

Enjoy a lighter trip down memory lane!


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