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Food Shelf Life

by Angela On January 28, 2010

food-varietyNot sure how long to keep food in your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry?  Ziplock  has a fantastic list on their web-site that indentifies how long you should keep 70 different food items!  Go to the Ziplock web-site and on the left hand side click on “Shelf Life 101”.  You can click on the image of the shelf, freezer, or fridge to display the list of items for that particular area. 

When cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator it is great to know how long to keep things.  I recommend marking leftovers and items you are freezing with a piece of tape and a Sharpie Marker with the date that you made them.  This will save you from having to remember how old the leftovers are. 

You can print out a PDF of the entire list by clicking here. I would recommend keeping the list handy so you can refer to it as needed. 

Enjoy your clean fridge! 


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