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Three Must Haves – Holiday Cards

by Angela On December 14, 2009

envelope_redBy now you have probably already begun to receive a flurry of cards in the mail from your friends and family.  Smiling faces and beautiful cards are such a sweet treat during the holidays.  But, if you haven’t so much as put the first thought towards your holiday cards, relax, there is hope for you yet!

1. Mailing deadline.  If you’ve been keeping up with my 18 Days of Holiday Organizing posts you probably already know that the deadline for First Class Domestic Mail is December 21st.  So if you have your cards in the mail by the 21st they are supposed to arrive by December 25th.  So there really is still time to get your cards in the mail.  See my previous post Three Must Have’s – Holiday Shipping  for more tips for getting your cards to the right location.

2. Send Out Cards.  This is an awesome card sending service that I learned about this year.  You can choose a card from hundreds of designs, write your personal message in the card, enter the address and then hit the send button.  Then Send Out Cards does the rest, from printing your card, addressing your card, putting a stamp on your card, and getting it in the mail.  It is amazing!  They send a real card for you.  You can even add your own pictures!  You can see more details on this at Send Out Cards.

3. E-cards.  If you are rushed for time you can also send an electronic or e-card.  You can visit Blue Mountain  and Hallmark . Many of these services cost a small fee, but the fact that they are so easy to do may be worth it!  You are also being environmentally conscience by not sending something that will most likely get tossed in the trash. 

4. Buck the system.  If the holidays have you so stressed out that you just don’t know how you can get holiday cards out then perhaps you should opt for New Year’s Cards or Valentine’s Day cards.  This has been a long standing tradition in my household and we get many comments from friends and family who love this.  They have told us they can enjoy our card more because it is not arriving at the same time as 50 other cards.

Don’t be afraid to get some help this year with your holiday cards.  Whether you send them electronically, use a system like Send Out Cards to help you get them addressed and in the mail, or you just put the cards off until the New Year, give yourself a break if you need one.

I hope you enjoyed the bonus tip, today’s blog should have been: Four Things You Must Know About Holiday Cards! 

Good luck and happy card sending!


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