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Three Must Have’s – Holiday Shipping

by Angela On December 7, 2009

Moving Box“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”  I don’t know about you, but I think it’s the busiest time of the year!  Decorating, shopping, parties to attend, cards to get out, and oh gifts to ship! 

Here are my “Three Things That You Must” Know this holiday season regarding shipping.

1. Know your shipping deadlines.  Whether you are sending cards or packages if you want them delivered by December 25th you need to know your shipping deadlines.  These of course vary depending on whether you are sending things via U.S. Postal (First Class, Priority Mail, etc.), UPS, or Federal Express.  But generally, if you are sending something within the US from the US Post Office the deadline for standard First Class packages is Monday, December 21st.   You can find shipping deadlines for Domestic, International and Military Mail on the USPS website by clicking here
You can also follow this link  to UPS where you can calculate the expected shipping time of your package and get a cost estimate.  UPS  also indicates that for ground delivery with the “worst case” scenario you should ship by December 16th, but adds this would be rare.  

If you are shipping with Fed Ex Ground you need to have your packages to them no later than December 17th.  But there are many options that can push your deadline closer to December 25th visit the Fed Ex website  to see a complete list.

2. Packaging requirements.  Depending on who you are mailing with be sure that your package meets requirements.  Some companies do not allow you to wrap boxes in white or brown paper, don’t allow string or twine, and some require you to use their boxes.  Be sure to visit the web-site for UPSP  , UPS, or whoever you will be shipping with to find out about packaging restrictions.

3. Correct Name and Address. If you are taking the time to mail something special be sure that you have the correct address.  If you are hand writing the name and address use a Sharpie marker so there is no chance of the address smearing with water.  Also, be sure to revert back to your grade school years and print neatly and legibly.  Finally, including the full zip code will help ensure your package arrives safe and sound.  You can enter the address you are shipping to at the US Postal Service web-site  and it will give you the full Zip + 4 digit Code! 

Getting your packages mailed early should reduce your time in line and give you more time to get all those other things done like wrap the presents, bake cookies for your child’s school, pick up the dry clean, finish decorating….you get the picture.

Happy shipping!


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