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Non-Clutter Gift Ideas

by Angela On December 17, 2009

Blue GiftThe holidays are a time where abundance is…well, abundant.  Often it seems like there is more of everything during the holidays.  Not only can this be stressful on the budget and the waistline, but it can also be stressful for someone who may feel like they already have too much stuff.  One thing you can do is consider giving non-clutter gifts this year.  Here are three different types of non-clutter gifts:

1. Experience Gifts:  An experience gift is a gift certificate, membership, or tickets to an event or activity.  Examples include tickets to the movies, the theater, a concert, a sporting event, an amusement park, the zoo or a museum.  Or you could give someone a year long membership to one of the above mentioned activities.  An experience gift could also be a gift certificate for a massage, a pedicure, a round of golf, cooking classes or dance lessons.   The options are endless!

2. Gifts of Time:  Everyone is so busy these days, what better gift than the gift of time?  Give someone a free night of babysitting, a gift certificate to a professional chef, a professional organizer, a personal shopper, a car wash and detail, or a house cleaner.  You can purchase gifts of time from a professional or give your time as a babysitter or cook someone dinner for their family one evening.

3. Memory Gifts:  Gifts of memory are often treasured for years to come.  You can go online to Snapfish  and create photo books or customized photo calendars.  A custom calendar is a gift that give back all year long.  Another memory gift is a digital picture frame so someone can display a huge amount of photos all on one picture frame.  Often times I work with clients who have tons of old framed photos that they don’t want to display anymore, but they don’t want to get rid.  Picture frames can become a huge form of clutter.  Digital picture frames are great for someone with limited space, in a office, or someone with a lot of pictures, like a grandparent.

Are you giving some non-clutter gifts this year?  I would love to hear about them.  Write a comment below and let me know. Good luck with the last few shopping days!


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