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Holiday Savings – The Container Store

by Angela On December 8, 2009

piggy-bankHappy Tuesday!  This is day five of our 18 Days of Holiday Organizing Series and Tuesdays are our Holiday Savings & Products day.  So today I will be sharing with you how you can get a great deal at one of my favorite stores! 


While supplies last if you purchase $100 of gift cards from The Container Store you will receive a gift card for yourself for $25.  So for $100 you will receive $125 in gift cards! 


Of course this is fantastic to use as gifts, but if you are planning an organizing project in the New Year, especially a project that involves using elfa ® products now is a fantastic time to stock up on some gift cards.  Think about it, getting an extra $25 is like getting an extra 25% if you use the gift cards during the elfa sale, which typically starts the day after Christmas and typically offers 30% off then you will really be maximizing your dollars.


Here’s a scenario for you: 

Let’s say you want an elfa system that retails for $500.

It goes on sale in January for 30% which is $350. 

You purchased $300 in Container Store gift cards and received $75 in FREE gift cards which give you a total of $375 in gift cards.

In January you purchase your elfa system for $350 plust tax (depending on the state you live in).  You will use your $375 in gift cards and either have money left over if your state does not charge sales tax or you may be able to pay for the majority of your sales tax with your remaining gift cards and all you paid is $300 for your $500 system!


Whether you want to save the gift cards for yourself or give them as gifts you can pick them up for a fantastic price but the special $25 free cards are only available while supplies last!  Also, keep in mind that the $25 gift card will expire on February 21, 2010. 


Happy deal seeking!




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    Thanks for your insight. I found this post on Google and I found what I was looking for. I’ve bookmarked this post for future reference :-) Nice comments – Thanks

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