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Hang Décor with Ease

by Angela On December 1, 2009

piggy-bankWelcome to day 1 of our 18 day holiday organizing series.  Let’s kick off this series with a time saving, wall saving, and money saving tip!  With the holidays comes the tradition of holiday decorating.  Whether you are a minimalist or you could be compared to the Griswold Family, there is preparation that must take place in order to get the décor up and looking fabulous. One thing that can be a huge help are the Command Hooks from 3M.  Now I have talked about these before, see my previous posts Organizing Kids Jackets and Three Low Cost Organizing Solutions , but there are many holiday uses for these hooks as well. 

The hooks are available in many different sizes including a tiny size for hanging Christmas lights, mid-size for stockings or larger hooks for wreathes. There are so many uses I could go on and on. But, since today is Tuesday and it is our “Holiday Savings” section I want to pass along a coupon for these hooks.  Click here  to get a printable PDF coupon for $1.00 off Command Hooks and $1.00 off Command Picture Hanging Strips.  You can also click here to visit the 3M web-site to see a short video on how to use the Command Hooks.  Many stores like Target and Walgreens have these hooks near their Christmas decorations right now due to high demand.  You can also find them at home improvement stores and  The Container Store.

Command Hook Photo

What makes these hooks different?  The adhesive backing can be pulled easily without removing any part of your wall or paint AND without leaving a nail hole.  The great thing is that you can use the hooks again next year or for your next project. They are easy to install and easy to remove.  Love them!


Here’s to easy holiday decorating!

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  1. you did a nice job with this post. I do not necessarily believe everything stated here, but i do appreciate the actual fact that its written in a very “no BS” manner and you do not sugar coat anything. Maybe others disagree with me, however I am just expressing my very own view. Thanks for making a platform for all of us to be able to express ourselves freely.

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