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Gift Idea-Magnetic Measuring Spoons

by Angela On December 4, 2009

measuring-spoons_csEvery year while doing my holiday shopping I find a little something that I just have to have.  Last year my stocking stuffer to myself was this set of Magnetic Measuring Spoons from The Container Store.  After a year of using them, I have to say they are worth every penny!  I love them!  The are great because if you cook or bake a lot, like I do, there are many times when you need more than one teaspoon and these spoons come equipped with both a dry and wet measuring spoon for each size.  They are also fantastic because well…they’re magnetic!  This means you don’t have to search through your drawers for measuring spoons gone astray.  They all stay together neatly and easily.  I have also dealt with the measuring spoons that are connected by a chain or a ring…those never work!  There are very few people who have the patience or time to clip a measuring spoon back to the ring each time they use one, especially husbands and children.

I was just visiting a friend’s home and her drawer was full of loose measuring spoons running amuck.  This made it difficult for her while she was cooking because she had to dig around through the drawers to find the right size spoon.  She was frustrated to say the least.

My stocking stuffer pick for this year is the Magnetic Measuring Spoons from The Container Store!  Get some for the busy cook in your life and help them keep their kitchen organized.



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