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Systems Failure- Lesson Learned!

by Angela On November 20, 2009

light-blubI was out of town most of last week working with a client.  We are moving this week and so our house is in a bit of a flux anyway.  But last week when I left my house to spend four days with my team at my client’s house my house was not too disastrous.  Well that was not the case when I got back.  It was disheveled to say the least.

So what I have come to realize is that when either my husband or myself go out of town we need to be sure to schedule someone to help around the house during that time.  It could be a house cleaner or a relative coming over for a few days, but with our busy schedules and two small children we just cannot juggle it all on our own.  Okay, there!  I admit it.  Hello my name is Angela and I need help.  Pheww!  I feel the weight being lifted already.

It’s really amazing what a difference an extra set of hands can make.  I see this with my clients all the time.  We all try to do it ALL, when in reality we just don’t have enough time. Your time is more valuable and you should be enjoying life as much as possible. Think about how much an hour of your time is worth?  What would it cost you to have someone help you get things done around your home or office?  You could have a cleaning person come in once a month or week.  You could have someone keep up with your yard work.  You could hire someone to run errands for you like dropping off the dry clean, picking up groceries, returning items you’ve purchased, going to the Post Office, and more.

The main point I want to make here is that it is important to recognize when something is not working and taking action in advance to make sure you can skip the trauma that may ensue.  So in my example above, it have now recognized that when either myself or my husband are out of town, things cannot continue as they “normally” do.  The systems we have set up in our house were created for two people.  When you take one out of the mix we are set up for failure.  So next time, I will know to have a family member come over, schedule some dinners with friends, or schedule a cleaning person to come the week that we only have one parent at home.  This will help me when I return from a trip so I don’t feel like I have to play catch up for a week trying to get things back in order.

Do you have something that isn’t working in your home?  What can you do to change it? 

Enjoy the help!


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