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What Is Your Home Autobiography?

by Angela On October 2, 2009

Moving Box“The surroundings householders crave are glorified autobiographies.”
–T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings

This week I have been finalizing getting my home ready to put on the market.  So it has been a journey down memory lane as I pack up photos, my children’s drawings, books, mementoes and more.  My team and I have also been helping a client pack her home and helping another client unpack her home. All this focus and energy on moving and observing the things people have in their homes got me thinking about the quote above.  What does our “stuff” say about us?  What is your autobiography based on the stuff in your house? 

One thing I have noticed is that I do feel better by having less stuff around my house.  Now that I have cleared out my closet of some old clothes, my children’s closet, and other areas I love walking around my house!  My husband is threatening to stay!!!  One thing I have seen amongst myself and my clients is that we tend to keep around some unnecessary things in our lives and we tend to put off doing certain things that we have been wanting to do for years.  Why is that?  We could have been enjoying our life better if we would have taken action sooner.

This is a life lesson I will take with me to my new house.  We should recognize if our spaces are a reflection of who we are now.  If they are not  then it is time to take your life back and make them into the space you love.  Maybe you won’t be getting a new house, but maybe by clearing out some old items from your home, adding a fresh coat of paint, and repurposing items you already have you can make it feel completely different. 

What story is your home telling about you?  I’d love to hear your stories.  Click below where it says “No Comments” or “X # of Comments” in red and let me know. 

Enjoy your new home!


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