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Three Space Saving Tips – Kitchen

by Angela On October 23, 2009

over-door_spicesEven with houses being bigger today than they were 50 years ago many are still not being built with enough storage in the right places.  So in many homes it is important to maximize every inch of storage space you have.  Here are three space saving tips for using the back of the door to help you get the most out of your kitchen.

If you have a pantry door in your kitchen in most cases you can use the back of the door to add a spice rack.  There are many different types and some even have adjustable shelves.  See my previous post Organizing Spices-Behind the Door.

The clear over the door shoe organizers have approximately 24 pockets where you can store stuff.  These pockets are perfect for holding spices, teas, cooking gadgets and more.  See photo above for an example.

Another way to use the back of a door is to use the back of a cabinet door.  You can find baskets that you can mount on the back of a cabinet door that hold lids, plastic baggies, foil, gadgets and more.  This is often space that is underused and if you are short on storage it can be worth it. 

cabinet-door-rackTip from the Pro:  Before you actually install anything on the back of a door be sure that the door will actually close after you install the item.  To do this measure the depth of the item you are installing and how much space you have between the door (when closed) and any shelves or other items.  This will save you hours of hard work and frustration.

Where can you find some hidden space in your kitchen? 

Enjoy your new found space!


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