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Three Pantry Must Have’s

by Angela On October 5, 2009

Happy Kitchen and Bath Month!!!  Hooray!  Who knew October is Kitchen and Bath Month?  In its honor I have dedicated today’s Must Have Monday to the pantry. Here are some things I consider Must Have’s when it comes to keeping your pantry looking its best and helping you save time when it really counts. 


1. Snapware: Slim Flip-tops TM  and MODS TM. If you have children or a husband, you know how quickly a box of crackers can get stale if not closed properly.  Keep crackers, cereal, and other dry food fresh longer with these easy to use air tight containers. I love these containers because they are narrow so you can put many of them side by side and not lose a lot of room on your shelves.  Also the MODS are well…modular, so you can stack them if needed. The Flip-tops are perfect for cereal and much less bulky than other products that are available.  These are one of my favorite products! These can be difficult to find so if you see them in a store you may want to grab one.  I have found them at Target, you may also find them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

expand-a-shelf 2. Expand-A-Shelf: Put things where you can see them with an expandable three-tiered shelf.  No two pantries are created equally and the Expand-A-Shelf® allows great versatility in length.  Many people are afraid to use these because they feel they will lose space, but I have seen the exact opposite happen with my clients. It’s important to note that this product comes in two sizes to hold everything from small jars to wider cans and bottles.  Be sure to check the size before you purchase.  You can find these at The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond.

3. A designated place for things to go.  Even in a small pantry you can still have dedicated places for different types of foods to go.  Grouping all the baking goods together, the beverages, the canned goods, the snacks, and the dry goods will save you tons of time when you or anyone else is trying to find something. It will also help you to know what you have which will save you from buying something that you already had but could never find. 

Here’s to getting your pantry in shape this month!


Copyright (C) 2009 Angela Ploetz, POSH Space

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4 Responses to “Three Pantry Must Have’s”

  1. Hey, This is a great string. I found you on google. Keep up the work.

  2. Hey, This is a great string. I found you on google. Keep up the work.

  3. Hey, This is a great string. I found you on google. Keep up the work.

  4. Katy says:

    Wow, what a great post! I would love it if you linked your tips up to my organization link party this week. I know my readers would love to see them:


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