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Need a Kitchen Revamp?

by Angela On October 8, 2009

kitchenIf you could redo your kitchen what would you do? 
I have lived in my 1,600 square foot home for ten years now.  Yikes!  That was not supposed to happen!!  When we moved into our home ten years ago it was just my husband and I  but at our peak this past May it was the two of us, our 100+ pound Doberman, my four year old, my two year old, oh yes and I was running two businesses out of our house.  Uhggg!!!  I feel cramped just writing about it.  But it was working.  By staying vigilant about purging what we were not using and not making unnecessary purchases like every toy know to child-kind we were able to live in our home while parking two cars in the garage, without having a storage unit, a storage shed, basement or other.  I know living in a small space is possible.
That being said for many reasons it was time to move on.  We are now building a slightly larger house and one of the key features for me was the KITCHEN!  I needed a kitchen where multiple people could be working at the same time.  I needed more storage and the Pièce de résistance was the PANTRY!  My current pantry was inadequate for a family of two much less a family of four who typically cooks 4-5 nights per week. I love cooking!
What I realized as I was purging once again while preparing to put our house on the market was this: 1. No matter how much you have purged, tossed, or donated, there are probably still things that you simply will never use or need and 2. sometimes you have to rip things out and start with a clean slate and fresh set of eyes to see that you really have more opportunities to make things work better than they were before.
Right now may not be the time to remodel your kitchen or buy a new home, but what could you change?  What can you get rid of that is just taking up space?  Could you add a few containers, products, or organizing tools that will give you a big impact without blowing your budget?  If you can’t think of anything on your own, I’m just a phone call away.

Here’s to some creative energy towards your kitchen!  Oh yes, and Happy Kitchen and Bath Month!

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  1. Lita Daniel says:

    Angela, I definitely recommend pull out drawers and/or shelves. I installed them in my kitchen and they make life so much easier.

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