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Is Your Home Picture Perfect?

by Angela On October 26, 2009

living-roomI’ve seen miles and miles of Texas…. Howdy, from south Texas!  I am coming to you today from a client’s ranch in south Texas.  I have brought a team of three here to work on my client’s main house to help them clear out some clutter and get organized. 

Being in a car for more than three hours gives you lots of time to think, even with three verbose women.  It also gave me lots of time to look at magazines, a pure luxury in my busy life these days.  Of course, it’s no surprise that I love looking at home décor magazines.  But as I was perusing the magazines I had a realization.  Whether it’s a fashion magazine or a home magazine they typically portray images that are unrealistic and often unobtainable in the average household.

The fact is that even if you purchased every item you saw in a Pottery Barn or Ikea catalog or even if Ty Pennington himself knocked over your house and gave you an Extreme Home Makeover your house would not look picture perfect forever.  Life happens.  Mail comes, children bring home paperwork, and groceries produce trash.

My point is that people should not expect for their homes to look like a picture perfect model home.  We do not live on Wisteria Lane!  But what we can do is clear out the old things that are not serving us anymore and do not represent who we are today.  We can figure out when would be the best and easiest time for us to go through the paper that comes in everyday.  We can use a family calendar to track the activities of our schedules and our children’s schedules.  We can buy only things that we LOVE and not settle just because the price is right.

It’s okay if your space does not look like a magazine or catalog, but what can you do that can make your life easier and that can make your surroundings more comfortable?

Look around and really enjoy your space today!


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0 Responses to “Is Your Home Picture Perfect?”

  1. Diana Withers says:

    Just ONCE I would like to see a washing machine ad that shows a laundry room with clothing hanging everywhere, dirty clothes piled next to them, and all the other junk I currently have on the floor. Then I might actually consider buying them! There’s a commercial that talks about selecting a colorful pair for the laundry room, painting it, and then putting in a desk to serve as a home office. Whose laundry room is that big? Mine serves as the pass through to the garage, so I have room for my stackable laundry baskets (Rubbermaid – at Container Store. LOVE.THEM.) and machines. Barely.

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