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Organizing Stuffed Animals

by Angela On September 8, 2009

teddy-bearChildren’s Room Challenge Number 1. I recently polled some parents and found that one common challenge in children’s rooms is what to do with stuffed animals.  They’re cute and cuddly, big and bulky and your child just can’t live without them!  So here are a few ideas on what you can do with your child’s stuffed animals.

First, use the one in one out rule.  It’s a must!  Children will pick up new stuffed animals throughout the year and it’s best to keep the number down.  Stuffed animals seem to multiple over night!  Letting one go for every new animal is a great way to keep your child’s stuffed animal population from exploding!  Discuss this with your child prior to their birthday or a holiday so they know what the rules are.

Second, have a place to donate the stuffed animals.  Many children have an emotional tie to the stuffed animal, so it can be helpful to make your child feel like the animal is going to “a good home” or to a child who doesn’t have any toys.  Some police stations accept stuffed animals in excellent condition that they can keep in patrol cars and hand out in situations where the children need to be removed from a harmful home situation.  Some women’s and children’s shelters also accept donations of stuffed animals that are in good condition. Again, think of what would help inspire your child to donate.  Be sure to call these agencies before taking a bag of stuffed animals too. 


The third thing is storage.  Now that you are limiting the intake of new stuffed animals and you have donated some you are down to the animals that are important to your child.  Because stuffed animals collect dust, I recommend keeping the majority of them in a closet or enclosed container.  One product I like to use is the Animal Sorter from Ikea (or IKEA PS FANGST) shown to the left.  It comes in two sizes and multiple colors and hangs on the rod in your child’s closet.  It has multiple compartments for “stuffing” stuffed animals, it’s like a condo for stuffed animals.  Another option for smaller stuffed animals is a behind the door shoe organizer.  I LOVE these!  I like the clear ones so you can see exactly what is inside.  Smaller stuffed animals like Beanie Babies, Barbies, even Transformers, etc. fit nicely in these small pockets.

Stay tuned for next week’s Children’s Room Challenge: Children’s Clothes!!!

Here’s to fewer stuffed animals!


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  1. Steve says:

    Do you want the organization shelves and items to be permanent or something you can easily remove later?

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