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Organizing Children’s Clothes-Part 2 of 3

by Angela On September 22, 2009

Clothes on hangersThis week I’m focusing on dealing with your children’s clothes, specifically: The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty!  This is part two in my three part series to help you solve the problems of how to keep children’s clothes in their place and how to deal with the constant cycle of clothes coming in and out. 

“The Good” is the current clothes that fit, “The Bad” is clothes that no longer fit or have seen their better days and, “The Dirty” is well…dirty clothes.  If you missed yesterday’s post click here to read Organizing Children’s Clothes Part 1 of 3.  
“The Bad”  Clothes that are too small, out of season or have seen their better days. 
Children outgrow clothing so quickly that it seems like there is always something that no longer fits or is too worn to wear anymore. So how do you manage?  When the seasons begin to change and you are starting to realize that your child doesn’t own any long sleeve shirts that fit take that as your cue to go through your child’s old clothing. 

Here are some simple steps you can take: first, look through your child’s current season clothes (let’s use the transition of summer to fall/winter as an example) and quickly make a stack of items that are too small or too worn out and place them in a donation bag.  Second, remove the off season items (summer in this case) to a lower drawer or easy to reach storage box and put the new season clothing (winter) in the easy to get to drawer.  So each season you are removing the old seasons clothing and replacing it with the new seasons clothing.  Personally, I always keep the past season clothing (summer) close at hand because there may be an unusual day that you need that short sleeve shirt.  Finally, when the next season comes (spring/summer) pull out all the old clothes from the bottom drawer or storage box and take out what does not fit any more and put it in bags to take to the consignment shop, give to a friend, or donate.  You may be left with a few items that do fit your child for the new season which gives you some time to go shopping for new clothes.

Again, a big key to this is going through the clothing at the change of each season.  If you know the clothing does not fit your child, your child won’t wear it, you do not need to keep it for another sibling, or you will not be consigning the clothing then get the clothing out of your home as quickly as possible. There are many places that accept donations including some women’s and children’s shelters.  Check your community for resources. 

Don’t miss tomorrow’s last and final part of our three part series “The Good”.  I will give you tips on how to manage the clothing that your child has and wears on a regular basis.

Getting some of the old clothes out equals more space and room to breathe.  Take a deep breath and enjoy!


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  1. Steve says:

    Yeah but, getting rid of things if very easy for some people, but harder for others. Why keep dealing with these items though each and every time you open up your closet?

  2. Nice post. Would really enjoy a follow up.

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