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Organizing Children’s Clothes-Part 1 of 3

by Angela On September 21, 2009

hamper_greenThere’s so much to talk about when it comes to dealing with children’s clothes that I could write a book about it.  Hey, there’s a thought!  So this week, I’m going to focus on dealing with The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty!  That’s right, this week I will have a three part series to help you solve those problems of how to keep children’s clothes wrangled and keep those drawers from overflowing. 

“The Good” is the current clothes that fit, “The Bad” is clothes that no longer fit or have seen their better days and, “The Dirty” is well…dirty clothes.  I often joke that dealing with my children’s clothes is a part time job in itself!  But it is something that I have to keep on top of.  I live in a small home with very little storage and if I don’t keep on top of purging the clothes I would have clothes everywhere! 

So here is the first part of what you should consider when dealing with your child’s or children’s clothes.  We’re going to start with The Dirty!

“The Dirty”  Need I say more? 
The most important part of dealing with The Dirty is a hamper.  This is a must and if you have children or teens it’s all about location, location, location!!!  Where are the children currently getting undressed?  Is it the bathroom, their room, where?  Sometimes you can tell by the piles of clothes.  Where ever they are getting undressed is the best place to put a hamper.  You HAVE to make it easy for them or they won’t do it.  Also, if you have multiple children who shower in multiple areas DO NOT attempt to have the children share a hamper.  If they are getting undressed in different areas they need to each have a hamper that is easy for them to use. 

Another huge part of this is teaching your children the habit of putting clothes in the hamper when they are young; we had our girls putting their clothes in the hamper when they were one!  Again, this can be made easier by putting the hamper in a place that is so convenient that they can’t miss it.  If your child is the organized personality type then you may consider a hamper that has three compartments, like the picture shown on the left, so your child can sort the clothes when he or she puts them in the hamper.  This can be a huge time saver on laundry day, but only do this if your child is willing to participate or if may backfire. 

The key is to try to work with your child.  Try to come up with a solution that is a win for both of you.  Easy for the child and helps to make life easier for you. 

Tomorrow we will look at how to deal with “The Bad”. 

Here’s to a room without piles of dirty clothes!


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