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Five Musts: Simplify Your Life

by Angela On August 3, 2009

Check listDid you know the first week of August is Simplify Your Life Week?  By making your life simpler you can save time for the things you really want to do. What can you do to simplify your life? 

1. Stop mail clutter.  Are you getting so much paper and mail you don’t know what to do?  Limit your number of magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Sign up for Opt Out Prescreen to help eliminate pre-approved credit card offers.
2. Stop e-mail clutter.  E-mail guru Lauren Halagarda recommends that if you find that you are always deleting e-mails from certain companies that you should simply unsubscribe to that newsletter. Many newsletters have an option to unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail.

3. Keep an ongoing grocery shopping list.  If you are in a busy household it’s hard to keep up with what everyone needs.  Keep a shopping list in the same place and add to it as you run out of things.  If someone says “we need more (fill in the blank)” you simply reply add it to the list, or you can do it yourself.  Having a centralized shopping list will save you time when it’s shopping day.

4. Stop putting up with time consuming things.  Are you putting up with doing something that is a big time waster?  Maybe you have been doing something the same way for years.  Have you ever wondered if there was a way to automate or just do something differently?  Sometimes making a few minor adjustments can make a huge difference.

5. Eliminate things you do not like to do. Is there anything you are doing that you don’t like to do?  Would it make a difference if you stopped doing it?  Sometimes we do things because we think they need to be done, but in reality it really wouldn’t make a difference if we stopped doing it.

What else can you do to help simplify your life? 

Enjoy a simple week!

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