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Order Back To School Labels Now

by Angela On July 29, 2009

lovable-labels-cup.jpgCan you believe it, the back to school sales are in full gear!?  My daughter will be starting kindergarten this year… boo hoo, hoo!  So I wanted to be sure to get her custom labels with her name on them ordered in time for school.  Mine just arrived last week and I was so excited!  I was labeling her water bottle, thermos, lunch box, and more. She thought they were really cool too!  Now there is no more fighting about which cup belongs to which child in my house! Each has their own dishwasher safe stickers on their cups. 

I have: iron-on labels for jackets and clothing; stickers for cups, notebooks, or anything really; shoe labels that go inside the soles of her shoes; and metal tags I can attach to a backpack or bag.  They are so cool. 

There is still time to order labels for your child before that first school bell rings.  There are two companies I have ordered labels from and that I recommend and they are Lovable Labels and Mabel’s Labels. I have been extremely satisfied with my purchases from both companies. Both companies offer a “Back to School Pack” that are a great way to get started. 

Here’s to the start of an organized year!


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