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Four Must Haves: Parents

by Angela On July 27, 2009

hands_dad_childDid you know it’s Purposeful Parenting Month?  I know as a mother I am always looking for ways to make my families time at home fun for everyone.  So what can a parent do to help themselves be a better parent?  Here are few tips based on what I frequently hear from my clients.

1. Help.  That’s right!  As a Professional Organizer I work with a lot of parents and the one thing many of them tell me is that they do everything.  Even if you have a cleaning person come in on a weekly or monthly basis there are still things that need to be done in between and one or two people can’t do it alone.  Talk to your family and get them to pitch in around the house.  Even my two year old knows how to put her laundry in the hamper, you just have to make it easy for them (especially teenagers).  Establish minimal rules of how they can help you around the house.

2. A night out!  Yes, we parents need to have a little fun too.  Get a sitter for the kids and schedule a date night or night out with friends. 

3. Family calendar.  With multiple people living in one house comes multiple schedules!  Ahhh!  Keep everything straight with a calendar in your kitchen or where ever your family tends to gather.  You can use a paper calendar or a dry erase board.  Assigning one color to each family member is also great so you don’t have to waste space on the calendar by writing names down.  If you prefer to use an electronic calendar you can print the current week and post it in the kitchen so everyone can see it at a glance.

4.  Finally, enjoy your time with your family!  Whatever it is you are doing try to make it fun.  Whether you are cleaning out the garage or going on a family trip add music, games, or stories to make it more fun.  Having a family tradition like a game night or something else can help bring families together. 
For the first time, I will be offering a four part Home Sanity TM Course via telephone.  This course will help busy people understand the four pillars of Home Sanity: space, paper, time, and communication.  You will leave knowing how to organize any space in your home, how to handle incoming mail, how to help get “buy in” from your family, and how to make your home run more smoothly.
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What are your parenting must haves? 

Enjoy peaceful and purposeful parenting for the rest of this month.
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