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Five Must Have’s: Organized Car

by Angela On July 6, 2009

carI had the chance to attend my sister-in-law’s (hey Margo!) baby shower this weekend, she’s expecting twin boys!  So I was able to give her a few words of advice on what a mom must have in her car at all times to be prepared for any situation. 

Here are a few of the things I suggested:
1. Wet One’s Hand Wipes.  You never know what will happen, especially when you have children!  But there are many times when someone’s hands are messy or someone will be eating in the car after playing at the park.  These anti-bacterial hand wipes are perfect to have in each vehicle and will be used often!

2. Tissues-I know it seems like a no-brainer, but there are so many times when a simple tissue will come in handy.  Especially during flu season. These are a must have in every car. I keep a small box in each car.

3. Trash bags-If you have dirty tissues and a used Wet One you have to have a place to put them!  It seems like your car can get filled up with trash quickly.  So trash bags are a must!  You can keep a small stash of plastic grocery bags or you can get something like Sassy Diaper Sacks.  I love these because 50 bags come in a nice and neat bag I can keep in my car.  I have found these bags at my local grocery store in the baby supply aisle or the at a large baby supply store.  

4. Money-These days it seems like very few people carry real money anymore, but there are some places that only accept good old fashioned money.  I recommend you keep a very small amount of money in your car.  I recommend $10-20 dollars in case of a small emergency.

5. Pen and paper– Even in the days of GPS and smart phones, I am always amazed how much I rely on a pen and paper.  I keep a post-it pad in my car and use it to jot down: songs I want to download, directions to someone’s house, a great thought or idea, a web-site I heard on the radio, and more.  Note pads are also great for keeping children entertained on road trips!

6. Bonus Tip-Container– I use a container that sits on the floorboard of the car in the back seat.  It is large enough to hold all the things I described above and a few other things I didn’t mention. One of the containers I use in my husband’s car is the small Trunk Tray from The Container Store.  It has a non-skid bottom that prevents it from sliding across the back of your car. 

Enjoy safe travels this summer!


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