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The Weekend Organizer

by Angela On June 12, 2009

beachballHooray!!!  It’s Summer!  Can you feel the excitement in the air?  You see the teens driving around town with graduation messages written on their cars.  This is an exciting time.  Whether you have a child graduating, your moving, or your just ready to adopt that summer mind set now is a great time to get organized.  That’s right!  Summer can be one of the most popular times to get organized, but remember you can’t tackle your entire house in one weekend.


Here’s what you need to consider when planning a weekend organizing project:

  1. Be realistic.  Be realistic with the amount of time you are really willing to put into the project. If you have a birthday party and an evening bar-b-que to attend the chances are you may not have much time to get organized.  Take a good look at the scheduled activities you have that weekend and determine how many hours you think you can actually dedicate to organizing.  Don’t forget to take out some time for lunch or dinner; you can’t be productive if you don’t have any energy.  Also, take into account the non-scheduled activities (especially if you have children) these are unexpected interruptions from children, neighbors, spouses, or phone calls. How much time are you actually left with? 
  2. Choosing your project.  Choose your project with the amount of time you have in mind.  Here are some examples of how long a typical project can take:  Kitchen, 10-12 hours; Pantry: 5-7 hours; Closet, 4-8 hours; and Home Office, 25 hours and up.  Of course times will vary based on the size of your space but these are some general guidelines based on my experience working with clients.  Keep in mind this time does not include shopping, painting, any repair work, or dropping off donations.
  3. Shop last.  Remember don’t shop for solutions until you have some answers.  After you have reduced your belongings and you are left with only the stuff you need, use, and love then it’s time to start looking for containers and storage solutions to fit your needs.

 What project will you work on this weekend? 


Here’s to an organized summer!





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