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The Best Summer Bag!

by Angela On June 15, 2009
Photo from L.L. Bean

Photo from L.L. Bean

Last year I had summer bag envy from my friend Tracy who had THE ultimate summer bag. She had the X-Large Adventure Tote from L.L. Bean and it is awesome! If you are planning any trips to the pool, beach, swim lessons, or even soccer practice this is a must have bag. It is large enough to hold towels for four people. The tote also has six exterior pockets which allow easy access to the summer essentials you need at your finger tips. You can keep sunscreen, diving sticks, handy wipes, sunglasses, and water bottles in these outside pockets. They help you to keep your items separated and using them keeps you from loosing items in the bottom of your bag. The exterior pockets are awesome and are one of the key features of this must have bag!

This bag is available in three different sizes. The X-Large is extremely large and can get heavy fast. But if you limit it to towels and swim items it is a great light weight bag for the summer. The large tote and the medium tote would be more ideal for day to day usage. I was able to get my bag about a month ago, but I have recently learned that these bags are sold out in three of the five colors. They still have the bags available in a few colors in select sizes but you need to order fast. If you can’t get one this year put it on your list for next May. It’s a great summer essential!

Here’s to an organized summer!


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