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Must Have’s: Pool Bag

by Angela On June 18, 2009

beachballIt’s summer, so what are the items you must have in your pool or beach bag?  Here’s my list of things your pool bag should not be with out.  Having a fully stocked pool bag will help you relax and enjoy your time in the sun.

1. Sun Screen– Obvious?  Not so fast.  It took us a while to figure out we needed to keep sun screen both at home and in the pool/beach bag.  You hate getting to swim lessons without any sunscreen.  It’s also a great idea to write the date that you purchased the sunscreen on the bottle with a Sharpie Marker or even better is to write the “use by date”.  Each sunscreen manufacture is different, but you can find out how long each type of sunscreen is good by reading my previous article Sunscreen Guidelines

2. Water Proof Bag– This is essential so you can keep your wallet, keys, and cell phones safe from a leaking water bottle, sunscreen, or a big splash of pool water.   You can use a Gallon Size Zip Lock storage bag with the slide Lock.   You can also find some great sturdy bags in the travel section of The Container Store like their Clear Zipped Envelopes

3. Trash Bag– It never fails.  You’re out and about at the pool or a picnic, you just wiped your child’s chocolate covered face with a wet wipe and there is no trash can in site. I stash a few plastic grocery bags in my pool bag.  They always come in handy. 

4. Wet One’s(R) Hand Wipes– After a day at the pool or beach refreshments are always a must, but even with chlorinated water it’s best to have clean hands before handling food.  I keep a container of anti-bacterial hand wipes in my bag. The anti-bacterial gel is great too, but I feel like the wipes work better with sticky kid’s fingers. 

5. Adventure Tote from L.L. Bean. I love this bag!  It is a must have for the Summer.  The large size holds a lot while the exterior pockets keep everything organized.  See my previous article The Best Summer Bag.

Here’s to a fun and relaxing summer!



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