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Organizing Your Move

by Angela On May 6, 2009

BoxYou know how you never realize how much stuff you have until you move?  May is National Moving Month and soon many people will be discovering just how much stuff they have.  If you know you are planning on moving or putting your house on the market I have a few tips that you can start doing now to help declutter your home so it shows better and you are not wasting time, energy, and money moving things you really don’t want or need.  

  1. Reduce and declutter. Don’t just hide the stuff or put it in storage get rid of anything you do not need, use, or love.  There is no point in storing something that you are simply going to get rid of one to ten years from now.
    1. Have a garage sale.  Tried and true, garage sales are a quick way to get rid of some of you excess and make a little money.
    2. Donate items.  Of course you can take items to places like Goodwill and Salvation Army, but The Settlement House in Austin is a non-profit that will come and pick up household items from your home.  If you are short on time, this may be a better solution for you.
    3. If you have a lot of old paper and documents you no longer need consider using a shredding service that will come by and pick up the boxes or that you can deliver the boxes to.  Locally, I recommend Central Texas Secure Shredding.
  2. Start packing what you don’t need in the next few months.  Are there items you know you will not be using in the next few months?  Excess décor items, next seasons clothing, holiday dishes and accessories, or extra linens are a few examples of things you can start packing away.  A great place to purchase new and used boxes is Eco Box.   U-Haul also has a box exchange forum that you can go to list boxes you no longer need or request boxes.  Some people give the boxes for free while some poster charge.   Be sure to go to the Southwest section to find Texas listings.
  3. Label your boxes well.  There’s two things you need to know about labeling your boxes.  1. Identify the room where the box needs to go in the new house.  Use a marker to write this clearly and boldly on the top and sides of the box.  The second thing is to give a general description of the contents of the box.  This can be done on just one side of the box, but this way when you are unpacking the kitchen you know the difference between pantry items and fine china.

 Here’s to a more organized move!


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  1. Evan says:

    I agree, reducing the number of things you have is key. Breaking the tendency to just “hold on to that” will make your move much easier and less stressful. Plus, there are less things to unpack in your new house.

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