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Houston We Have A Problem

by Angela On May 22, 2009

Prescription BottlesWhat happens when your systems fail?  A few months ago I was sick with the flu (not swine flu, just plain old flu) and it was evident in my house.  Prior to my influenza invasion I was proud that our house had been humming along in a harmonious fashion (for the most part).  But once that bug hit my system I was out for the count.  In bed most of the time, my house was left in the hands of my husband.  He is absolutely fantastic and kept the kids well fed and entertained, but the house looked like a tornado hit! 


This is something I talk to my clients about a LOT.  When we experience life change, big or small, short or long, it can and usually will, affect our systems for staying organized.  When a critical element to the system is removed the system can suffer or even fail.  It’s not your fault.  Think of it this way; what if the person who took the tickets at the gate of an airplane was not around?  What would happen?  The pilot or Captain of the plane might have to jump in and lend a hand to get everybody on board.  They may not be as fast and efficient as the person who normally does this job which may cause the flight to be delayed, but in the end all the passengers arrive at their destinations safe and sound. 


When something happens in your life and it causes “system failure” don’t panic!  Pull it together and be sure the critical things are being taken care of.  When the crisis has been averted it’s time to go back to what was working and start the damage control.  If your home was functioning smoothly before, then the chances are that you will easily be able to get back to where you were.  If things were not working as best as they could then it is time to reevaluate and make some changes.


The important thing to remember is that life is constantly throwing surprises our way and it’s okay to expect some turbulence as a result, but the key to staying organized and in control is to regroup, bounce back, and enjoy the ride.


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