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End Camp Confusion, Order Labels Now

by Angela On May 12, 2009

lovable-labels-cup.jpgIf you have children you are probably in the thick of summer camp registration.  Soon school will be out for summer and happy boys and girls will invade camps everywhere.  With lots of children comes lots of gear.  Shirts, shorts, shoes, backpacks, goggles, balls, swimsuits, towels, it’s endless!  With so many kids and so much stuff it’s easy to see how your little one can easily get her blue towel confused with someone else’s blue towel.  

The solution: customized labels.  I ordered some of these labels last summer when my daughter started a summer program and I LOVE them.  I ordered the iron on labels and put them on my daughters towel, swimsuit cover ups, shirts, and her jackets in the Fall. They work well and held up great to multiple washes.   

This year I am ordering the adhesive labels in both sizes and the Press n’ Stick Clothing Dots.  Lovable Labels offers a discount if you purchase three or more types of labels so choose wisely.  These will be perfect for labeling water bottles, beach/pool toys, even notebooks when it’s time for back to school.  I can’t wait! 

Now your child will know exactly which Hanna Montana or Spider Man swimsuit is his or hers.   

Your child not coming to tears over which beach ball is hers at the pool…priceless! 

 Enjoy the good life!


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