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Travel Right With Three In One Pen

by Angela On April 29, 2009

Post-It HighlighterThis week I am in Orlando, Florida for my Professional Organizer Conference.  I traveled yesterday and used one of my favorite products while on the plane.  It’s the three in one pen, highlighter, and Post-it Flags from Post-it ®.  This pen is handy to have while you are traveling or to keep in your purse or briefcase on a daily basis.  It saves you from having to carry multiple items when you’re on the go.   

I also like to keep one in my bedside table so when I’m reading at night I can have my highlighter and flags handy.   

The highlighters are available in two formats:  either the highlighter and the Post –it ® flags (shown above) or the highlighter, pen and Post-it ® combo.  Both are great to have depending on your needs.  One less thing to carry while you travel!   

Enjoy organized travels!


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