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Three Low Cost Organizing Solutions

by Angela On April 1, 2009

Command Hook PhotoCommand Hook Photo Hooks: Hooks are very inexpensive and they come in all shapes, styles, and finishes.  Hooks are great because they help you take advantage of vertical wall space that is often unused.  You can use them for anything from those bulky bar-b-que tools in your pantry to creating a stylish handbag display in your closet.  Hooks are inexpensive and easy to quick solution.  I also love the Command Hooks by 3M on the back of a door or on a mirror.  They hold well, don’t require nails and are removable!  You can find hooks at most home improvement stores, The Container Store, Ikea, and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Price range:  $.99 up. 

Organized Office Supplies 

Over the door shoe bags:  This is my favorite product of the year!  These are typically canvas or clear plastic bags that can hang from hooks on the back of a door.  They typically have 24 pockets.  Most people use this for shoes, but you can use them for anything from laundry products, children’s toys, office supplies, beauty products in a dorm, even snacks or teas in a pantry.  Again, I love this product because you are using a space that many people don’t think about using.  You can find these at Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, Target, Wal-mart, just about anywhere. 

Price range:  $19.99Shelf Stacker 

Shelf Stackers: I love shelf stackers.  These are just not used enough.  The problem is that often times kitchen shelves or pantry shelves are spread too far apart and you can only adjust the height of your shelves so much before you create an unusable space.  The solution is to add a shelf stacker, which looks like a wire table for your plate.  The come in all shapes and sizes and you can use them to double your storage in a cabinet.  You can have plates on the bottom and then easily put cups on the top without having cups toppling over.  You can find these at The Container Store and Target. 

Price range: $3.99-$17.99 

Getting a little oasis of organization doesn’t have to cost a fortune!   



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