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Earth Day Challenge

by Angela On April 22, 2009

EarthReduce, reuse, and recycle your stuff!  Happy Earth Day!  Do you have big plans for Earth Day?  If the answer is “no” here’s an easy way you can participate.  Go through your home or closets and do a quick clean sweep.  Grab a shopping bag and fill it up with items you no longer need, use, or love.  Think of this as a challenge for a good cause.  I am challenging you to fill up two large shopping bags with stuff that you can take and donate.  Spend no more than 30 minutes going through your home and choosing the items you can part with.   

A great starting place is your kitchen.  Look through your cabinets and weed out any small appliances you have not used in one year.  Look through your kitchen drawers and pick out those kitchen gadgets you “had to have” but have never used and let them breathe new life in someone else’s kitchen. If you still need a little help it’s time to hit the closets!  Children’s closets are fantastic for this!  Children out grow clothing and shoes so quickly, it’s easy to fill up a bag with just children’s clothing.  If you don’t have children consider raiding your own closet and letting go of anything that no longer flatters your figure, your completion or your personality.  If you can’t say “this is SO me” then it doesn’t deserve a place in your closet.   

There are so many great charities that rely on the goodness and donations that we can provide them with.  For many charities the items we donate are then sold in the charities thrift shop or at a large “Garage Sale” type of event.  The proceeds are often used to fund programs, put clothes on people’s back, give people jobs, and feed people in need.  

So donate today, for the earth, for the other people you are helping, for helping reduce a little bit of clutter from your home, for the tax write off, for a little good karma during unpredictable times, or for all of the above.  But just do it!  You’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy the “Green” life!


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  1. Garret Vay says:

    I’m a strong advocate and believer of the above comments. However,implausible it may seems,the fact of the matter is,one has to ultimately have faith in one’s believes and principles.Have a nice day!

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