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Documentary on Hoarding

by Angela On April 2, 2009

Often times people ask me “is this the worst you’ve ever seen”?  When I am consulting with them on getting organized.  My response is usually “no”.  What many people don’t realize is that there is a difference between being disorganized and being a hoarder.  Hoarding is something real and in many cases results in working with a therapist along with a Professional Organizer.  If you are interested in how one hoarders lifestyle can affect their life and their entire family you may want to watch the powerful documentary My Mother’s Garden which airs on MSNBC April 5, 2009 in the evening.  The movie’s web-site states that it will run at 10 PM, but does not indicate a time zone so be sure to check your local listings for exact time.  This is a powerful movie documenting how one family dealt with their mother’s dangerous hoarding disorder.  Set your DVR or watch it live to get an insight into what the families of hoarders are going through.

You are probably not a hoarder, but this movie may help to give you a new prospective on your relationship with stuff.    

Read the film synopsis below:  In the suburban setting of a quiet tree-lined street in Granada Hills, California we see a 61 year old woman pushing a grocery cart to her front door. We watch her climb through a window covered in ivy and cob webs into her house, stepping on top of stacks of newspapers, piles of debris, rotting material, clothing, and toys; a living mass of waste that has literally pushed her out of the house and into her garden.My Mother’s Garden is the story of Eugenia Lester whose hoarding disorder has entered a dangerous and life threatening stage. Directed by her daughter Cynthia, it documents how one family comes together to cope with their mother’s disorder and rebuild a lost sense of family. My Mother’s Garden was an official selection of the 2006 New York IFP Market and was a finalist for the IFP Socially Conscious Documentary Award. The film has also received support from the 2007 New York State Council For the Arts and the 2007 Pacific Pioneer Fund.

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