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Buy Forever Stamps Now

by Angela On April 21, 2009

Forever StampTick, tock!!!  Did you know the cost of stamps is going up again?!  That’s right on May 11, 2009 the United States Postal Service will raise the cost of a standard First Class Mail stamp from $0.42 to $0.44.  So what does this mean? 

Be prepared.  Don’t get caught empty handed on May 11th by placing the wrong amount of postage on an envelope that will end up coming back to you.  You don’t need to do a mundane task twice.  You can start by purchasing some one cent stamps now and beat the mad rush.  You can also buy the “Forever Stamp” before it’s price goes up too.  Yes, I spoke with my friendly Postal worker just today and asked if I would really be able to use the “Forever Stamp”, well…forever.  She assured me that I would be able to use this stamp at any point in the future as First Class postage on the standard 1 ounce First Class mailing.  This is amazing!  So buying a forever stamp now will result in not needing one cent stamps in the future!  Hooray!  No more extra stamp clutter!  This is great for those people who don’t use stamps that often.  You can also keep a book of these “Forever Stamps” in your car, your purse, at the office wherever you may need a stamp.   

In case you find this “Forever Stamp” business hard to believe, like I did, you can click here on a direct link to the US Postal Service website to read more about it. 

Knowing my stamp will work when I need it, that’s the good life!   



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