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Are Electric Cords Adding to Your Mess?

by Angela On April 13, 2009

Cord WrapAre cords from your lap top, crock pot, flat iron just getting in the way and causing more of a mess?  Here is one of my all time favorite MUST HAVE products and something I keep in my bag to use with clients all the time!  They are Velcro ® Reusable Ties (I call them cord wraps)  To use these; bundle up your cord and then wrap the cord wrap around the cord to keep it together.  Sounds simple enough? 

The reason I like these over other similar products is because they have a slit at one end so you can slip the smaller end through it.  This allows you to attach the cord wrap to a cord and it will stay in place even when you unwrap your bundle.  Unlike a twist tie, you will never lose these wraps because they are attached to your cord.  I use these EVERYWHERE for my laptop, iron, blow dryer, camera charger, the list is endless.  They are eight inches long and a packages contains 25 black and 25 gray ties for about $4.47.  Larger sizes available for outdoor use.  You can find these little gems at your local hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot.  

Say good bye to tangled up cords! 

Enjoy the good life! 


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2 Responses to “Are Electric Cords Adding to Your Mess?”

  1. Laurenhala says:

    I absolutely LOVE these- gotta get the OneWrap in the roll! Sad b/c I can’t find the roll in any office supply or home improvement stores here anymore… :(

  2. Angela says:

    Wow! Not even Home Depot? That’s crazy! You may be able to order them online from Lowe’s. So sad for you!

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