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Common Closet Mistake

by Angela On March 19, 2009

Multi-Tier HangerCloset Myth #1: Multi-tiered Hangers-Busted!

Myth: If you need more space in your closet us a tiered hanger that allows you to use one hanger for multiple items.   

False!  That’s a huge myth!  Let me explain why.  Yes, the logic is correct, theoretically you have the ability with a multi-tiered hanger to hang and store four to six pairs of pants, skirts or even blouses.  The reality is when you are in a hurry at 6:00 a.m. lifting up three to five pairs of pants stacked on top of each other and then wiggling the garment out of the hanging contraption is more work than many people can handle.  Trust me I’ve tried! And then imagine when it’s time to hang the items back up.  You recall how much of a pain it was to get the garment off the hanger in the first place and now you don’t even want to mess with putting it back on the hanger.  So then the clothes doesn’t get put away and you are left with a messy pile.   

Another common problem with these hangers is that the items that are not hanging on the top rung of the hanger are never looked at again.  If you are never going to look at an item again, then you might as well get rid of it.  Right?  So the best way to make some extra room in your closet is to go through it and let go of some old items you no longer need or love.   

Remember, as with any organizational system you are setting up always work with your natural style and habits.  If you think something has too many steps, it probably does and the less likely you are to follow through and keep your space organized.  Keep it simple and use hangers that make getting the clothes  off and putting the clothes back easy. 

De-bunking an old hanger myth and saving you from hanger wrestling…that’s the good life!   



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