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5 Steps to Life Balance

by Angela On March 2, 2009

FreedomHappy Monday!

Last week I had my Make a Difference Girl’s Night Out where we discussed goals and putting ourselves on the top of our priority list.  We had an amazing time!   If the topic of goals, priorities and life balance interests you then you may want to take a peak at my article 5 Steps to Life Balance that was published today on w2wlink .  This article discusses using goal setting strategies to reach work/life balance.  The article is featured in the Work Life Balance section of the site.   

I will be contributing a monthly column to w2wlinkW2wlink is an online community for professional women.  It gives them the information they need to grow as a corporate CEO, an entrepreneur, a fast paced employee, and how to balance it all at the end of the day.   

I hope you find the article and the web-site to support you and your growth. 



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