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Your Habits are Your Children’s Habits

by Angela On February 3, 2009

Mail BoxA funny thing happened at the mail box today.  I stopped to pick up the mail on my way home with my two daughter’s.  When I got back into the car my oldest daughter, who is 4 and a half (I have to add the half) asked if she had gotten a letter.  I replied “no we just got a bunch of junk” and her response was “we just got a bunch of stuff that we don’t need, so we’re going to throw it all away when we get home right?”  My proud response was “That’s right”.  Wow!  As a mom and an organizer this is cool for many reasons.  First it shows that yes, our children can learn organizing habits at a young age and second that the habits we practice are being observed by our children and possibly learned!  Woo hoo! 

 What kind of habits are you teaching your children?  Perhaps your child has a natural tendency towards organization and by encouraging them you could be helping yourself to keep your house more orderly.  Or perhaps the thought of organization has never crossed your child’s mind.  In this case you may want to observe the natural way your child does things and begin introducing the concept of organization in small ways.  You may be surprised by the results.  Do you have a good trick or tip you want to share about how you have encouraged you child to be more organized?   I would love to hear it.  Post a comment below. 

My child throwing out my junk mail for me…that’s the good life!



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